Please be informed that Nexon Europe will cease servicing the game Combat Arms (“Game”) as of November 22, 2017 (CET). From that time forward, Game service will only be provided by VALOFE Global, Ltd. (“VALOFE”), a corporation in Hong Kong with the registered address of 21/F Tung Sun Commercial Centre 194-200 Lockhart Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong. If you wish to continue accessing and playing the Game, we need your consent to transfer and migrate you to VALOFE. This means we need your permission to transfer Personal Data and Game Data. Your new exclusive contract partner in respect to the Game will be VALOFE, and your entire relationship with Nexon Europe regarding this Game will terminate.

Upon your consent to the transfer and migration of your Personal Data and Game Data, your Personal Data and Game Data will be transferred to VALOFE. Please note that VALOFE is located outside of the European territories, and may not provide the same level of protection for Personal Data as in the European territory. Please also note that if you do not agree, you will no longer be able to access and play the Game with your current Game account and your information related to the Game will be deleted. Your Global Nexon account information, including your name and email address, will not be transferred and will not be deleted. You can keep using your Global Nexon account.

Game Data is information directly tied to your game character, such as the character name, gameplay statistics, and owned items. It also includes backend data required to manage this information in the future. Your name and email address will not be transferred, but your character name will be transferred. Depending on your account history, information such as purchases, infractions or IPs assigned to you by your internet service provider may be transferred.

For further details on how we use personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy (

Please confirm below that you have read and understood this agreement and that you agree for your personal and game data to be transferred to VALOFE. Once you’ve agreed, you will be able to create a VALOFE account and link it with your existing Combat Arms character.